Natural Disasters

Iceland's unique geology makes it prone to certain natural disasters, including snow avalanches, landslides, floods and volcanic activity. EFLA’s natural hazard management work helps to keep people and property safe.

Lava erupting and flowing from a volcano crater

Natural disaster methods

EFLA has been involved in natural hazard mitigation for several decades, including:

  • Avalanche mitigation measures, deflecting dams and barriers: predesign, environmental impact assessment (EIA), geotechnical and tender design, and construction supervision
  • Landslides and rockfalls: hazard identification, investigation and associated geotechnical engineering
  • Ground movement monitoring, geodetic and groundwater monitoring, identification of permafrost and unstable slopes
  • Lava flow: dams and barriers, control of tourist traffic during volcanic activity
  • Emergency response measures, stability assessments, monitoring and site supervision after catastrophic landslides and lava flows.
  • Flood analysis and erosion control
  • Tidal flood and storm surge analysis and assessment of vulnerable coastal infrastructure

Natural disaster specialisms

Climate change is triggering an increasing number of natural disasters, leading to a steadily growing demand for specialized professionals in this field. EFLA has extensive experience and expert knowledge in a wide range of areas related to natural disaster mitigation and response. As one of Iceland's leading engineering consultancies, we have a deep understanding of the unique challenges posed by our country's geology and environment. Sustainability is a core value for us, and we find and design innovative engineering solutions that work in harmony with our environment. In everything we do, safety, quality and cost-effectiveness are paramount.

Natural disaster management results

Whatever your natural hazard management needs, we at EFLA will work with you to find innovative mitigation solutions. We strive to complete projects to time and to budget, while maintaining the highest standards. Our designs offer long-lasting, reliable and economical protection against many of the environmental risks that we face in Iceland today. Together, we can find new methodologies and solutions to address the escalating challenge of natural disaster mitigation and response.

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