Socio-Economic Studies

It's crucial that new developments change people's lives for the better. EFLA provides comprehensive services in identifying and analysing the socio-economic impact of planning proposals, allowing for the best allocation of resources.

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Economic analysis and evaluation

Today's urban planning needs to be carried out in harmony with nature and society. Developments must also be cost-effective, with construction and operational risk kept to a minimum. EFLA offers a comprehensive service in economic analysis and socio-economic studies for developments of all sizes and types, including transport, energy, and construction. We work with all stakeholders, striving to find solutions that balance the needs of developers, municipalities, communities, and the environment. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Economic feasibility assessments
  • Creation and analysis of economic models
  • Option analysis
  • Financial evaluation
  • Socio-economic studies

Multidisciplinary urban planners

At EFLA, our expertise runs both wide and deep. Our specialists have established themselves in recent years as among the leading and most trusted in many disciplines of planning and design. We hold a unique position in the market thanks to the versatility and experience of our staff, whose expertise encompasses environmental issues, economic analysis, project management and much more. No matter how large or small the project, we always undertake to deliver robust and cost-effective solutions. We know that careful urban planning boosts communities and their environments – and we’re delighted to help make it happen.

Developments for everyone

EFLA's socio-economic studies and related work are an essential step in efforts to design urban areas and developments for the benefit of everyone, especially those most in need. Our work supports developers and municipalities in the often complex decision-making process. By demonstrating how different proposals will impact communities and meet their needs, our socio-economic studies enable clients to weigh up costs and benefits to find the optimal choice.

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