EFLA Experts Contribute to Leading U.S. Journal  


A port by the sea and a village seen from the air, mountains in the background

Photograph: Haukur Gunnarsson

Experts from EFLA, Dr. Majid Eskafi and Björgvin Brynjarsson, have recently made a significant contribution to the field of civil and environmental engineering by publishing an article in the prestigious American Society of Civil Engineers Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Engineering. This esteemed publication is a benchmark in its field. 

Highlighted as 'Editor's choice'

Collaborating with Sigurður Sigurðarson and Kjartan Elíasson from Vegagerðin, Eskafi, and Brynjarsson, delved into research focusing on coastal structures and the critical selection of construction materials. The article, now highlighted as the publication's Editor´s choice, stands as a testament to the groundbreaking work carried out by these experts. 

The study

The study, prompted by the escalating challenges of climate change, addresses the increasing interest in adopting environmentally friendly solutions for coastal structures. As revealed by the research, the construction process plays a pivotal role in mitigating environmental concerns and influencing climate outcomes. 

Employing a life cycle assessment (LCA) method, the authors meticulously evaluated two distinct breakwaters' construction global warming potential (GWP). The findings of this study are expected to provide valuable insights into sustainable coastal construction practices. 

The full article is currently accessible on the journal’s website, here.